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Toni Kroos Real Madrid Midfielder Real Madrid World Cup winning midfielder Toni Kroos has been a key player for Los Blancos since joining from Bayern Munich in 2014 and he played a central role in their back to backto back Champions League triumphs. As Zinedine Zidane side lefted a third continental title in succession it seems strange to suggest that Kroos could leave, but it remains a possibility, with Manchester United thought to be the Germany international chief suitors. Jose Mourinho needs to improve his midfield in order to match rivals Man City and the 28 year old would bring much needed guile into the squad..

La sostituzione più clamorosa è però un’altra, quella dei registi Phil Lord e Christopher Miller, quando mancavano ancora solo poche settimane di riprese. Sembra che abbiano avuto divergenze sia con Kathleen Kennedy, che voleva riprese da più punti di vista per dare maggiore libertà al montaggio mentre i due si sarebbero rifiutati di cambiare il loro modo di lavorare, sia da Lawrence Kasdan, che non ha apprezzato il lasciar improvvisare gli attori senza seguire troppo la sceneggiatura, cosa tipica del loro stile comico. Kasdan a un certo punto ha ottenuto di seguire le riprese a Londra, cosa che a Lord e Miller è sembrata una pesante ingerenza, come se fosse un regista ombra a controllarli..

Figlio di uno stuntman, inizia la sua carriera in televisione all’età di quattro anni, nel cast della serie Little People. Successivamente è apparso in Two Marriages e Into the Homeland, per poi diventare il protagonista della serie tv Kindred: The Embraced, prodotta da Aaron Spelling. L’extraterrestre (1982) di Steven Spielberg.

With co editors: CAROLYN COLLETTE, MARYANNE KOWALESKI, LINNE MOONEY, AD PUTTER, and DAVID TROTTER England was more widely and enduringly francophone in the Middle Ages than our now standard accounts of its history, culture and language allow. The French of England (also known as Anglo Norman and Anglo French) is the language of nearly a thousand literary texts, of much administration, and of many professions and occupations. English literary, linguistic and documentary history is deeply interwoven both with a continually evolving spectrum of Frenches used within and outside the realm, and cannot be fully grasped in isolation. They return us to a newly alive, multi vocal, complexly multi cultural medieval England, in which the use of French and its interrelations with English and other languages involve many diverse groups of people. The volume s size testifies to the significance of England s francophone culture, while its chronological range shows the need for revision across the whole span of our existing narratives about medieval English linguistic and cultural history. Contributors: HENRY BAINTON, MICHAEL BENNETT, JULIA BOFFEY, RICHARD BRITNELL, CAROLYN COLLETTE, GODFRIED CROENEN, HELEN DEEMING, STEPHANIE DOWNES, MARTHA DRIVER, MONICA H.

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